Majuro Atoll is one of the largest atolls made of coral in the Pacific. It is one of the most heavily populated atolls in the Marshall Islands, and it has the country's capital city of Majuro. The Majuro atoll contains 64 islands, and it is part of the Ratak (or Sunrise) archipelago of the Marshall Islands. Majuro Atoll contains several narrow, connected land masses, and it has a large lagoon that spans about 115 square miles. The majority of the atoll's population (about 20,300 people) lives in the capital city, which has the Marshall Islands' international airport, a shopping plaza, and hotels. This atoll's economy is largely supported by the service sector, but tourism also brings in revenue.

Brief History

Historians estimate that Majuro has been inhabited for about 2,000 years. Majuro, along with the other atolls in the Marshall Islands, was acquired by Germany in 1884. The German government set up a trading center on the atoll, which is one of the main reasons why it is still the island nation's main center of business and commercial activity. Majuro was taken by the Japanese Navy in 1914. The Japanese government made the island a part of Nanyo, which is a Japanese territory, but left local governance in the hands of traditional leaders. American troops acquired Majuro for the United States in 1944, and it served as the Marshall Islands' administrative center through the late 1980s.


The climate of Majuro is classified as tropical, and the average temperature throughout the year is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures rarely dip below 70 degrees, and the average humidity level hovers around 79 percent throughout the year. This part of the Marshall Islands gets about 125 inches of precipitation each year. The warm and moist climate is conducive to the growth of coconut trees, which explains the large volumes of coconut oil exports from Majuro.


Economically, Majuro's citizens also prosper from copra exports and tourism. Tourism is prevalent in the city of Majuro, and the city contains a large processing plant for copra. The country's major airlines, Air Marshall Islands, is based out of Majuro. Both commercial and sport fishing are popular in the atoll's lagoon, and it's also a destination for yachting and sailing. There are hundreds of species of fish, sea turtles, and sunken ships off the coast of the atoll's islands, which makes it a top spot for snorkeling, diving, and paddle sports.