Farquhar is a little less than 500 miles away from the Victoria, which is the Seychelles' capital city. The atoll contains 11 islands, and it belongs to the Outer Islands administrative division and geographical group. The largest islands on Farquhar are North Island and South Island. The waters off of Farquhar are teeming with many species of fish, which makes it one of the Seychelles' most popular areas for fishing. This atoll is home to a group of about 20 inhabitants. Farquhar's residents all live in a settlement called Grande Poste, which is located on the North Island.


Brief History

Whether they arrived on its shores intentionally, survived shipwrecks, or were blown off course, the humans who have reached Farquhar's shores in the past are a diverse lot. Farquhar, like other islands in the Seychelles, has been visited by European explorers and traders from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The population living on the atoll today traces its ethnic origins back to French, East African, and Indian roots. A now-abandoned settlement on the island of Providence, which is part of Farquhar, is evidence that humans have lived on the atoll in the past, but it remains unclear to historians who those first inhabitants were. Along with the established populations on Farquhar, passers-by have set up basic, temporary lodging structures on the atoll's shores. Today, Farquhar's visitors are mostly avid fishermen. The atoll has a reputation for being one of the Seychelles' best spots for saltwater angling, which has spurred private companies to set up fishing charters to the atoll's islands. Several companies have private lodges that guests can stay in, but due to the island's small size groups are usually limited. Some of the lodging facilities have restaurants, bars, and amenities so that people can enjoy a relaxing stay and a true tropical getaway. Travel to Farquhar is available only by boat.


Farquhar's tidal flats and soft sandy shorelines make it attractive to aquatic and land-based wildlife. Barracudas, bonefish, triggerfish, and giant trevally are some of the fish species that inhabit its waters. Several submerged reefs further offshore are home to tropical fish, coral, and plants. On a seasonal basis, birds visit the island's rocky shores to breed and feed. Farquhar also contains a unique species of spider that is found only on its lands.