United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is an island nation located in the northwestern part of Europe. There are four smaller nations that make up the United Kingdom. They are England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. There are also a number of territories which belong to this nation, many of which are in the Caribbean.

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Quick Facts about United Kingdom

  • The capital of the United Kingdom is London. It has a population of over 8 Million people.
  • It is currently a member of the European Union. A vote held in 2016 narrowly passed to remove the U.K. from the union, but that issue is still being resolved.
  • The United Kingdom survived a large scale attack by the Germans in World War 2. This battle eventually became known as the Battle of Britain.
  • The population of the entire nation (all four countries) is just over 66 Million.
  • There are fourteen additional territories in the U.K. They are found around the world in the Caribbean, South Atlantic, South Pacific, and Middle East.


As it is an island, it is surrounded by completely by water. This water has been geographically divided into separate seas and channels. The United Kingdom is bordered by the North Sea to the north and east, the English Channel to the south, the Irish Sea to the west, ,and the Atlantic Ocean to the northwest.


The land area of the U.K. is approximately 93,600 square miles, or about 242,400 square kilometers.


The government of the U.K. is called a constitutional monarchy. In this constitutional monarchy, the citizens elect members to a governing body called Parliament, where policies are debated and voted on. A Prime Minister is the leader of Parliament. A king or queen, known as a monarch, was once an extremely powerful ruler over the nation, but now only holds limited governing power.

Thailand's government is structured through its constitution. The Thai constitution has been revised many times, with its latest iteration in 2017. Despite this ever-changing framework, the real power in Thailand is currently held by a military junta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are spoken in the United Kingdom?

English is the primary language spoken by the vast majority of people, and also the official language of the country. However, the United Kingdom is a diverse nation with peoples from around the world, and various languages from Europe and beyond can be heard being spoken at different times and places.

What is the climate like?

The United Kingdom's climate is generally mild, with wet winters and cooler summers. The country can face extremes in both summer and winter, but these occasions are rare. London is famous for its rain and fog, as can be seen in Charles Dickens novels and elsewhere.

What currencies are commonly accepted?

The currency of England is the Pound. While many other nations of Europe transitioned to the Euro when they joined the European Union, the United Kingdom remained on their currency. The United Kingdom is once again independent of the Union after they voted to leave in 2016.

What is the population?

The population is approximately 56 Million.

What is the capital?

The capital of the United Kingdom is London. London is located in the southeast part of the country, and has become a financial banking powerhouse. London is a major metropolitan city, with a population of almost 9 Million people.

What time is it in London?

05:26:55, 04/23/2024

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